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701 South Catalina Street

Los Angeles, CA 90005

Telephone (213) 480-4540

Fax (213) 480-4599

•Visitors, please make sure to sign-in in the Welcome Center (located on the entrance of the school on Catalina Avenue)

•The ASGL Main Office is located on the 3rd Floor 

•The ASGL Parent Center is located on the 3rd Floor Rm A350




Assistant Principal

Mr. Enrique Legaspi

Ms. Maria Mancia

Dr. Linda Lee


Ms. Macneil

Mr. Hernandez

Ms. Choi


Ms. Vaquis

Ms. Yun

Ms. Crystal - PSA

Ms. Ojada Monserat - PSW


Mr. Byrd

Ms. Calalo

Ms. Cancino

Ms. Choi

Mr. Colon

Mr. Delgado

Mx. Denney

Mr. Gamez

Mr. Givens

Ms. Gomez

Ms. Han

Mr. Hayes

Mr. Hoh

Mr. Kim

Ms. K

Ms Kurose

Mr. J. Lee

Ms. E. Lee

Mr. Lin

Mr. Martinez

Mr. McGee

Ms. Miceli

Ms. Moreno

Ms. Myung

Ms. Reyes

Ms. Rose

Mr. Villamizar

Mr. Villasenor

Ms. Yin


Ms. S. Kim - Special Ed.

Ms. Martinez - Community Rep.

Ms. Figueroa - Special Ed.

 - School Psychologist

Ms. Legaspi - SAA

Ms. Mendoza - Campus Aide

Ms. Munoz Barrera - Special Ed.

Mr.  Musun - Special Ed.

Ms. Oliva - Campus Aide

Ms. Ranilla - Special Ed.

Mr. Pineda - Sr. Office Technician

Ms. Ruiz - Special Ed.

Mr. Tsai - Technology

Ms. Yoon - Community Rep.