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College Tips

  • There are over 3,000 colleges in the country, as well as many college guide books and counselors to help narrow down students choices depending on their ability, interests, GPA, and test scores.
  • The goal for your child is to get the strongest academic record possible. Pick the hardest classes your child can handle that are challenging and interesting, but be sure not to over extend their abilities.
  • College admissions look at a student's entire grade record to determine the child's progress pattern. If your child is struggling now you should find help to learn better studying habits.
  • Admissions also look at a child's outside involvement and what the child enjoys. If your child does not have any interests now, try to expose them to other activities.
  • Both SAT scores and GPA are very important. Take the PSAT in sophomore and junior years and submit them with college applications.
  • Subject tests are a great way to cover your bases. It is recommended that 11th graders take a US History subject test.
  • In their junior year, your child should begin thinking about what college to apply to. Set up campus tours, visit colleges while you're on vacation in other cities, and just drop in. There are many guide books, but do not put too much stock into rankings.
  • Big-name schools are not always best for a given student. Small schools are worth looking into since they can offer other benefits.
  • College interviews are very helpful. Colleges are looking for a well-rounded student body. You don't have to be a leader. Let kids find out what works for them.
  • You can find a lot of information online. College fairs are also a great, free way to learn about colleges. They usually take place in April. Talk to friends, parents, relatives, etc.
  • It's a big process so be prepared!